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WordPress web developer
WordPress web developer

For this design the company had a lot of really cool images and a great color palette to work with. They also have a ‘cars’ plugin that was really cool and fun to work with. This plugin enables the user to upload the inventory list they have in a CSV file to the site and it automatically fills in the data making their life so much easier. 

The only downside to this project was the use of WP Bakery. I prefer Elementor but the client wanted it done with an editor they are familiar with. In my opinion, WP Bakery is just too slow and clunky for fast and efficient design. Elementor is just a lot fast and user friendly.   

Overall the website turned out really well and the clients were very happy. I would definitely work with this company again and I can take what I learned while doing this project and apply it in projects in the future.  

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