The Evolution of the Logistics Industry – the Future is Here


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I find the current situation in the logistics industry to be truly fascinating. Consumer behavior, politics, technology and the economic climate are all causing the industry to evolve and develop; this means that it is important to be aware of the issues that are changing the shape of logistics. This will help you to embrace change and stay ahead of the curve.

The Supply Chain

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Before taking a closer look at trends that are affecting how business is done, it is worth defining the supply chain as this is so crucial. The supply chain is a network of businesses that comes into contact with a product until it reaches the consumer; this could include manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, companies that deliver to the manufacturer and courier jobs. The supply chain shows steps on how a product reaches a customer, so if you can optimize this process, you can benefit from a faster production cycle and lower costs.



Trends Affecting Logistics

These are the recent developments that are affecting how business is done. Having this knowledge can enable you to embrace these changes and plan ahead so that you can efficiently deliver your products to the market. 

Technological Advances

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Technology has revolutionized many different industries – logistics is certainly one of these. Mobile computing, cloud technology, track and trace technology and voice recognition have become global trends, while the younger generation, who are coming into employment, is incredibly tech savvy. These technologies, along with amazing innovations such as 3D printing and drones, are being utilized in the supply chain in a trend that will only continue. 

Consumer Behavior

Leading on from technological advances, the behavior of the consumer has rapidly evolved in recent times. The rise of e-commerce has forever changed the landscape and multichannel supply chains have had to quickly develop to meet demand. Adjustments must be made to fulfillment practices to handle the multichannel path, all while managing a B2B supply chain that is economical. Additionally, consumers now expect a range of delivery options (although, more often than not, they will select the cheapest option). 


Politics will always affect business, but it is currently affecting the logistics field through increased fragmentation in the flow of goods; this is a result of changes in the global landscape. Globalization has seen a number of emerging markets, such as Brazil, make their presence felt and many of these markets are now part of the growth strategy of several companies. 

Economic & Environmental Forces global variables

Logistics models are being altered by forces beyond the control of the industry. These include rising costs and diminishing resources, which could result in smaller companies having to merge with bigger businesses to reach adequate economies of scale. Harmful emissions will also be a factor and there will be a heavy focus on minimizing these on courier jobs through eco-friendly transportation. 

As you can clearly see, these trends are all causing an evolution in the logistics field that is leading towards a streamlined supply chain. Workers using advanced technology, autonomous robots in the warehouse, courier jobs that are faster and more efficient and globalization, amongst many other trends, could all lead to positive change for both the industry and the consumer. It is vital that you carefully monitor these trends and always consider the consumer’s needs. Nick Mahler Web Design can help your business reach millions of people with custom, mobile responsive and SEO rich websites. Grow your client base today and make keeping up with inventory, client emails and more automatic with the help of NM Web Design. For a free, no commitment website consultation click here to schedule an appointment today! Soluvers is another organization that can help automatic your antiquated business practices and help you stay up to date with the latest technological trends.


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